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Nationwide Healthy Lifestyle Making Medical Rehabilitation Equipment Popular

Industry News 2017-08-01

Recently, the National Health and Family Planning Commission, General Administration of Sport, All-China Federation of Trade Union, the Central Committee of the Communist Young League and the All-China Women’s Federation jointly released the Action Plan of Nationwide Healthy Lifestyle (2017-2025). It’s one of the plans of Healthy China 2030 Plan.

Issued to advance the Nationwide Healthy Lifestyle action across China, the plan is composed of 4 specific projects: Three-Less and Three-Healthy (Less Salt, Less Oil, Less Sugar, Healthy Oral Cavity, Healthy Weight, Healthy Bone), Moderate Exercise, Smoking and Drinking Control, Psychological Health.

It’s required that the sports authority works with the health and family planning department and other relevant departments to train exercise rehabilitation doctors and health instructors, advance the integration of national physique monitoring and medical examination, the integration of physical fitness facilities and medical rehabilitation facilities, and the in-depth fusion of nationwide exercising and health for all.

This policy facilitates the development of medical rehabilitation and exercise rehabilitation equipment, and promotes the development of medical and elderly care programs.

Medical and Elderly Care Gaining Popularity

Driven by the policies, medical and elderly care programs have been gaining popularity. A number of medical and elderly care programs have been advanced.

In March this year, the medical and elderly care integrated project of Lianyungang was completed. Invested with 309 million yuan, the project has a land area of 100 mu and a gross floor area of 60,000 square meters. Among the 828 beds, 528 beds are for nursing of the seniors. Combining elderly care and elderly care, rehabilitation and care, the project offers a solution to elderly care of seniors.
In late March this year, Enyang District Health and Family Planning Bureau of Bazhong, Sichuan Province announced its plan to raise 1 billion yuan via PPP for Bazhong Enyang Medical and Nursing Home. With a land area of 270 mu, this project is planned with a gross floor area of 1800,000 square meters. Upon completion, it will be the first Class III Grade A hospital in the district. Meanwhile, this project has been rated as one of the third batches of National PPP Demonstration Projects.

Similar projects can be commonly seen. Driven by favorable policies, medical and elderly care has become a new field of investment.

What Medical Devices Needed for Medical and Elderly Care

What do medical and rehabilitation facilities generally include? As can be seen from the Medical Rehabilitation Equipment disclosed in Phase II of Jinan Elderly Care Service Center, invitations for bid last year were in respect of:
Nursing beds, integrated experience machines, medical rehabilitation ladders, small dumbbell kits, massage chairs, cervical tractors, diathermy machines.

Another Shanghai nursing home reveals that it admits people suffering from apoplectic sequel, cerebral infarction, cerebral hemorrhage, senile cerebral palsy, unable to take care of themselves, and requiring postoperative care, fracture rehabilitation and palliative care. A nursing home that combines medical and elderly care, it’s equipped with TCD, multi-functional parallel bars, walking training ladders, electro-lifted beds, color ultrasound machines, neuromuscular electric stimulation therapeutic instruments, computer mid-frequency electrotherapeutic apparatus, brain wave bionic electric stimulators, multi-parameter vital signs monitors, large X-ray machines and shock wave orthopedic treatment instruments.

It’s mentioned in the document that we should develop and promote appropriate health promotion technologies and health support instruments, and make innovations in health management modes via big data, cloud computing, smart hardware and mobile App technologies, enhance the accessibility of healthy lifestyle related services.

(Source: Saibailan Instruments)