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  •   Barrier-Free Living Pavilion

    Exhibits: International brands, Elderly-friendly architectures,
    Barrier free living facilities, Senior housing design & planning

    The Barrier-Free Living Pavilion displays the living environmental experience in which the elderly are taken good care of, which gives an illustration of a safe, convenient and comfortable lifestyle for senior citizens. With participation of international pavilions from countries like the US, Japan and Korea, it gathers top design brands from all over the world in furniture, building materials, bathroom accessories and architectural designs. The model rooms, which serve as leading examples in China, provide comprehensive solutions for industry insiders. In the exhibition area, we have space and professional services set for forums, in which experts and elites meet and share their latest insights and wisdom to update your understandings.

  •   Smart Nursing Pavilion

    Exhibits: Smart elderly care, Medical equipment, Rehabilitation facilities,
    Nursing care products, Rehabilitation nursing and medical services

    The Smart Nursing Pavilion is a center for goods and services that secure high quality lives in people’s old age, ranging from home-based elderly care to professional elderly-care institutions, helping senior citizens to enjoy a healthy, respectable and comfortable life. Global leading brands cover areas from health management to distance caring, from correction and rehabilitation to daily residential care, which not only refreshes audience knowledge about the industry but also provides an ideal platform for insiders to perform professional procurement.

  •   Healthy Living Pavilion

    Exhibits: Foods, Health care products, Pharmaceutical products,
    Health Maintenance, Elderly leisure activities, Elderly tourism, Cultural services

    The Healthy Living Pavilion integrates pursuits and understandings of people all around the world on healthy living style, with exhibitors from the US, Korea and Taiwan bringing their original ideas and products with full human concern, covering every aspects in the elderly life. There are health care products to promote the life quality, seniors’ colleges to enrich the spiritual life and creative open competitions to inspire the passion of living. With numerous sweet ideas from every corner of the world leading us to a bright future, Healthy Living Pavilion is something that you will never want to miss.