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Activity Review

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Activity Opening Time
Summit Forum of 2018 China International Silver Industry Exhibition: Target at Promoting the New Development of Chinese Aging Industry in the New Era
Nov. 8 (Thursday) Morning
Opening Ceremony
Nov. 8 (Thursday) Morning
Sub-forum (1) Session for Community's Living and Elderly Care
Nov. 8 (Thursday) Afternoon
Sub-forum (2) Session for Profit Model, Risk Control and Standardized Operation of Elderly Care Service Industry
Nov. 8 (Thursday) Afternoon
Meeting of China Longevity Towns & Chain Stores Matchmaking
Nov. 8 (Thursday) Afternoon
Medicine and Care Development Forum of Guangdong Hygiene and Health Commission
Nov. 8 (Thursday) Afternoon
Sub-forum (3) Session for Social Work and Elderly Care Service
Nov. 9 (Friday) Morning
Elderly Care and Health Real Estate & Medical and Care Organziations Meeting
Nov. 9 (Friday) Afternoon
Sub-forum (4) Session for Sojourn and Elderly Care
Nov. 9 (Friday) 9:00 -17:00
Training Submit Forum of Improving Service Quality of Elderly Care Organizations Under the Standard Strategy of Guangdong Province
Nov. 9 (Friday)
China Hospital Rehabilitation and Care Comprehensive Development Forum
Nov. 9 (Friday)+
Nov. 10 (Saturday) Morning
2018 Academic Annual Meeting of the 10th PLA Elderly Medicine Professional Committee
Nov. 10 (Saturday)