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2024 China International Silver Industry Exhibition

  Time: 2024.11.15-17

  Venue: PWTC Expo, Guangzhou

SIC was successfully held in Guangzhou in 2014 for the first time. After nine years of development, it has become one of the largest and most influential silver industry exhibition in China. SIC brings together most cutting-edge products, technologies and solutions in silver industry from nearly 16 countries and regions like China, Japan, Australia, France, The United States, Germany, Denmark, Netherlands and Canada, and builds a leading platform for China's silver industry with outstanding results and forward-looking ideas.


Exhibitor List


Jochen Zhu-Schleiss

General Manager of Greater China, Stiegelmeyer China Group Co., Ltd.

Exhibitor Testimonials

It was an absolute pleasure to showcase our products at the SIC, where we attracted many visitors and received many inquiries.

Zhong Houbo

General Manager, Shandong Puze Health Industry Group Co., Ltd.

Exhibitor Testimonials

The Poly Expo organization regularly organizes forums and business matching events as part of its pre- and post-exhibition programs. With today's expo, we managed to accomplish our pre-planned goals, even exceeding them. We are looking forward to participating in the expo again next year.

Wen Quan

Head of Health and Elderly Care, Shanghai Xiaodu Technology Limited

Exhibitor Testimonials

Technology has simplified the way people and devices interact, which I find particularly encouraging. Many elderly individuals, as well as partners in the elderly care industry, have shown passion and interest in our products. It was a pleasure to explore many creative ideas together during this process.

He Sijie, Handy Rehab

Hong Kong Exhibition Delegation Representatives

Exhibitor Testimonials

Elderly care is increasingly being provided cross-border. I believe it is imperative to establish a wide range of facilities, such as living areas, daily training equipment, and talent exchange programs. For example, would it be possible for my robotic arm to be transported to the Greater Bay Area to assist elderly people who live alone? This illustrates the growing diversity of elder care across borders. Moreover, I look forward to further development in the Greater Bay Area in the near future.

Han Shuai

OG Wellness Technologies Co., Ltd. (OG Wellness), Japan Exhibition Delegation Representative

Exhibitor Testimonials

The expo was attended by a large crowd of attendees, including government officials, industry professionals, hospital representatives, and ordinary citizens. Having our brand exposed to the elderly, allowing them to interact with institutions, and connecting them with products is an excellent way to market our brand.

Liu Yan

Netherlands Exhibition Delegation Representative, DSM (China) Co., Ltd.

Exhibitor Testimonials

In my opinion, the SIC in Guangzhou is an excellent opportunity for customers from all over the country to access a wide variety of products. We hope to use this as a viable channel for promoting DSM's elderly nutrition products nationwide.

Zhou Yanmin, Director

Standardization Committee of Chinese Association of Gerontology and Geriatrics

Visitor Testimonials

As I observed at the expo today, Guangzhou, which has a number of elderly care manufacturers, is well served by the SIC. The variety of product offerings has increased significantly, and I think these are significant advancements in the industry.

Wang Yufeng

General Manager, Shenzhen Renda Pension Industrial Co., Ltd.

Visitor Testimonials

Having attended the China International Silver Industry Exhibition consecutively for the past few years, it is safe to say that this year's exhibit has a broader range of topics. Numerous new technological products were up for display and there were also lots of upstream suppliers and cooperation partners present.

Yin Zhigang

Director, Expert Advisory Committee of Shanghai Elderly Care Service Association

Visitor Testimonials

Throughout the expo, the theme emphasizes the growing trend of an aging population in our country, which is rather apt and remarkable in my opinion.

Zhang Shuo

Deputy General Manager, Beijing Health and Elderly Care Group Co., Ltd.

Visitor Testimonials

I think it was a rather well-organized exhibition, which is especially impressive for a large-scale event like this. It brought together a variety of elderly care professionals and individuals in the industry, providing a valuable opportunity for mutual learning and exchange of knowledge.

Florence Fong

Deputy Director, Asia-Pacific Institute of Ageing Studies, Lingnan University, Hong Kong

Visitor Testimonials

There were many experts, scholars, and government officials present at today's forum. Besides practical experience, there are a number of data and systematic analyses that can help us gain a better understanding of how elderly care has developed in the Greater Bay Area. A greater range of topics is covered at this forum than in Hong Kong, offering a great deal of inspiration.

Dong Wenwei

Assistant Director, General Union of Neighborhood Associations of Macau Guangdong Office

Visitor Testimonials

I believe the SIC is a leader in the elderly care industry within the Pearl River Delta. We can focus our technology here, catering not just to technical personnel in elderly care services, but also to those involved in industry support. This is where the entire elderly care industry converges. There are many scholars, industry professionals, and interested individuals attending the conference, and I think it's a great venue for demonstrating elderly care products.


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