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Revolutionary Spectacles Invented by the UK to Achieve “Amazing Improvement” of Eyesight


It was reported by the website of the UK’s Sunday Times that millions of patients with a weak eye-sight may benefit from the revolutionary spectacles developed with the financial aid from the innovation fund of National Health Service of the UK.

The spectacles capture external images with the built-in micro camera and project the images into the visual field of users. Its final purpose is to to cover the real visual field of the users with intensified images. The R&D team of the spectacles include blind software engineers.

To date, about 200 people have tried the product and the inventor wishes that the spectacles can be approved for use by 2025.

It was reported that the spectacles were particularly helpful for the elderly with an eyesight impairment caused by macular degeneration. Dan Lo from Worcestershire, his grandmother Elsie Lo who is 87 years old this year has tried the spectacles and her eyesight has witnessed an “amazing” improvement.

Stan Carlpenco, the founder and president of GiveVision Company that has developed the spectacles, said, the spectacles can help laws to tell those with a serious eyesight impairment from those with a common eyesight impairment.

He said, “The influence on life is huge. I think that our effort to improve human’s eyesight has just begun.”

(Source: Xinhua News Agency)

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