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The 6th China International Silver Industry Exhibition - Wind Vane for Senior Care Industry- Grandly Opened

Press Release 2020-11-19


The 6th China International Silver Industry Exhibition - Wind Vane for Senior Care Industry- Grandly Opened


On October 31, the 6th China International Silver Industry Exhibition (hereinafter referred to as SIC) co-sponsored by China Silver Industry Association, China Poly Group Corporation and Guangdong Provincial Committee on Aging was grandly opened in PWTC Expo, Guangzhou.




As a leading platform of China’s silver industry, this session of SIC covers an exhibition area of over 30,000 m2, exceeding 30,000 for the first time, and gathers nearly 300 well-known enterprises in the industry from China, Japan, the Netherlands, France, Taiwan (China), Hong Kong (China), etc. The three-day exhibition is expected to attract more than 50,000 visitors.




New Products Gather and 300 Exhibitors Compete on the Same Stage


As one of the international exhibitions for silver industry with the largest scale and the highest degree of internationalization in China, this SIC attracts quite a many famous elderly care brands at home and abroad, including Poly Developments and Holdings, CR Land, Yuexiu Silver Care, China Life, Younger, Lesso, Paramount Bed, Karasawa, GN International Design and Shunkangda, who will display leading new technologies and new applications in the industry in an all-round manner.


Through the in-depth integration of industrial resources, this SIC centers on intelligent elderly care, elderly care property, barrier-free living and rehabilitation care and will continue to launch special sectors such as Elderly Care Services Pavilion, Chinese Longevity Townships Pavilion, International Pavilion, etc. so as to meet the visiting and purchasing needs of brands, organizations and insiders at one stop.


The Smart Elderly Care Pavilion




The Smart Elderly Care Pavilion fully displays new technologies for elderly care, including management system for elderly care institutions, intelligent wearable products, call system for nursing homes and elderly care robots. Via the consultation system, remote consultation for the elderly can be conducted without leaving home. The elderly can enjoy automatic shower while lying down without cumbersome operation. The wearable nursing robot can automatically recognize and clean the urine and feces of the elderly. The intelligent vital signs monitoring system monitors the physical conditions of the elderly in real time and gives alarm in time. The intelligent health ring accurately detects the daily health monitoring indicators of the elderly. The intelligent sleep monitor for the elderly can timely detect risks of the elderly getting out of bed and falling down at night and give early warning... Many black technologies for elderly nursing attract visitors to experience.




The Exhibition Area for Elderly-nursing Property




The Exhibition Area for Elderly-nursing Property gathers many well-known elderly-nursing brands at home and abroad, including Poly Development, CR Land, Yuexiu Silver Care, China Life, Younger, Lesso, Paramount Bed, Karasawa, GN International Design and Shunkangda. A number of excellent elderly care projects show on the same stage. At the Enjoy Ages booth of CR Land, modern elderly care technologies such as combined rehabilitation and medical treatment, recuperation, nursing services, etc. are organically integrated to show the industry and the public the exploration, cultivation and achievements of CR Land in rehabilitation for the elderly. The Health Booth of Poly Developments and Holdings focuses on the strategic goal of “health +”, and takes healthy elderly care service as the starting point to provide whole-chain product system, whole-life-cycle health management, and whole-age health culture, so as to become “a partner of healthy life”.


The Barrier-free Living Pavilion




The Barrier-free Living Pavilion gathers diversified products for the elderly. J&J will display vertical accessible electric lifting column and rehabilitation and fitness underwater treadmill, which are convenient for the elderly to enjoy spa and rehabilitation and fitness training. Xinglin Furniture will bring suitable furniture and wheelchair that fit the using habits of the elderly. In addition, suitable design for the elderly becomes a hot spot. Elderly care design brands including GN International Design, Tianhua, AA Design, Zhongsen Design, Qixin Mingzhu and Mupeng have all attended the exhibition to fully display the consideration of various enterprises on the integration of elderly care into home design. Visitors can experience the sense of belonging and intimacy of space design on site.


The Rehabilitation Care Pavilion




The Rehabilitation Care Pavilion gathers many brands of auxiliary devices, rehabilitation facilities and equipment, and nursing supplies in segmented fields. Paramount Bed mainly displays its new nursing beds, which are designed for the diverse needs of home care for the elderly and can be flexibly matched. Shunkangda brings new products such as heavy toilet chair and reclinable bath chair. Illinois Medicare Robot mainly introduces its wearable robot, which allows bedridden patients to release themselves with dignity. Vinda shows its dry, easy-to-wear and night-comfort series of new adult diapers.


The Elderly Care Services Pavilion


The Elderly Care Services Pavilion gathers nearly 200 elderly care institutions and enterprises from Liaoning, Jilin, Heilongjiang and Guangdong. Visitors will witness the signing of the Cooperation Framework Agreement on Sojourn and Rehabilitation among the four provinces and the holding of the Sojourn and Rehabilitation Forum themed “Sincere Cooperation between the North and the South ”.




In the Chinese Longevity Townships Pavilion




In the Chinese Longevity Townships Pavilion, health-care and elderly care projects, famous and excellent products, leisure tourism for the elderly and other diversified rehabilitation products and services make people dizzying. They are from places famous for longevity in provinces including Zhejiang, Jiangsu, Shandong, Fujian, Hainan, Henan, Guizhou, Jiangxi, Guangxi, Guangdong and Liaoning. On the afternoon of November 1, there will also be a special negotiation meeting on Chinese longevity townships and a matching meeting on the purchase of chain stores and supermarkets to promote the transformation of business achievements.


With International Vision, More Than 100 Foreign Companies Rush to China


By 2020, China will have 255 million people over 60, making it one of the countries with the most aging population. As for how to properly solve the challenges and opportunities brought by aging, relevant departments of the Chinese government have shown a very positive attitude and made actions. With the release of a series of policies by the Chinese government on elderly care, combined rehabilitation and medical treatment and recuperation, elderly care consumption, etc., China’s silver industry has entered a new period of development. How to seize the trend and preemptively occupy the Chinese market has become a major reason for foreign brands to rush into SIC.




The International Pavilion is full of attractions. With the largest delegation in history, the Japanese exhibition group presents the latest achievements of more than 30 outstanding elderly care enterprises in Japan, who will display products for elderly care operation, training services, rehabilitation care, daily necessities, etc. The Dutch exhibition group mainly shows products and services of well-known enterprises such as elderly care design, community home services and auxiliary equipment. Taiwan (China) focuses on intelligent sleep aiding products and technologies. In addition, seat and elevator of the century-old brand Handicare from Sweden, the well-known European community home care organization Buurtzorg, Contexture Architectures with more than 20 years of experience in architectural design for the elderly, and Philips for health technology will all show at the event.




On the opening day, the 2019 Summit Forum of China International Silver Industry Exhibition was held with the theme of “promoting consumption and exploring new driving forces for the development of China’s silver industry”. In addition, during the exhibition, there will be more than 20 professional meetings, whose topics include national policy interpretation, elderly care consumption, elderly care property, combination of medical treatment and recuperation, community home services, elderly care personnel training, social work and elderly care services, smart elderly care, and design and material selection for the elderly. These meetings are the results of the earnest efforts by government departments, domestic and foreign well-known experts and scholar and industrial leaders, to explore the development path of China’s silver industry and boost the cooperation in various fields of silver industry to a new level.






The exhibition will last for three days. Please stay tuned for more highlights.





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