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Assistive aids

Walking aids / visual aids / hearing aids / orthoses / assistive device adaptation


Accessible life

Accessible facilities / elder-friendly building materials / elder-friendly bathroom accessories / elder-friendly furniture / elder-friendly building design planning


Daily necessities for the elderly

Footwear and clothes for the elderly / aids for dressing and undressing / eating aids and products / body protection aids / fall prevention products / care products for hair, mouth and skin


Nursing aids and articles

Nursing beds / bedsore prevention and treatment products / products and technologies for incontinence care and cleaning / aids for carrying / medication aids / wound care products / other wellness & care


Rehabilitation and therapy equipments

Equipments for rehabilitation and evaluation of cognitive impairment after stroke / exercise, muscle strength and balance training equipments / kinesitherapy / TCM rehabilitation equipments / spa facilities / massage equipments / exercise equipments


Real estate for the elderly

Sun bath centers / elderly care real estate / elderly care establishments / operations management and consulting


Smart elderly care

Wearable health devices / communication care, vital signs detection equipments / smart home / elderly care establishment management systems / information management systems


Elderly care services

Home care services / housekeeping / meal for the elderly / assistive device leasing / rehabilitation medical services / education for the elderly / tourism for the elderly / financial services regarding elderly care / elderly care talent training / legal services


Health care

Functional food / healthy food and dietary supplement / physiotherapy equipments and articles / anti-aging products / health-related testing products