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Japanese Delegation Back on SIC to Share Their Expertise in Creating Premium Nursing Homes - the 5th China International Silver Industry Exhibition

Press Release 2018-11-05

Japan is the most aging country in the world and one of the most elderly-friendly countries. It enjoys rich experience in welfare and government programs, planning and construction of elderly-oriented facilities, supply of elderly-friendly care services and products. In these respects, Japan stands as a blueprint for China.

China’s promising silver industry has attracted an increasing number of Japanese companies. The 5th China International Silver Industry Exhibition, which will be held at the Poly World Trade Center Expo in Guangzhou from November 8 to 10, 2018, will once again embrace the stunning participation of strong Japanese companies, such as SAKAI Medical, Shiga Sekkei, Yasui, Kawamura, SIGMAX, MCS, Koufukai and Accord Care. These companies will bring to bear Japan’s unique humanization design and its concept of delicacy, in the form of elderly-oriented buildings, nursing supplies, rehabilitation equipment, daily living care and health managements. We will have an overview of international cutting-edge elderly-oriented products and services without leaving China.

Images of the Japanese Pavilion (please refer to on-site booths)
Major Companies of the Japanese Pavilion

1F38-1 Yasui Architects & Engineers


Founded in 1924, Yasui Architects & Engineers has persisted in providing highest-standard architectural designs and best-quality services to meet the demands of the society, real estate owners and the public.

Yasui Architects & Engineers has always attached great importance to the planning and design of medical, welfare, health care and elderly care facilities. It boasts many successful cases in elderly care facilities, community planning, design and operation support. Yasui Architects & Engineers is reckoned an authority in the design of elderly care facilities and communities, and embraces Japan's highest design standards.

Upholding the philosophy of “healthy and smart buildings contribute to people’s longevity”, it strives to fully satisfy its users and service providers by creating elderly care facilities designed for health and longevity!

1F38-2 Tamura (China) Enterprise Management Co., Ltd.


Tamura Corporation, one of Japan’s oldest electronics companies, was founded in 1935. At first a producer of high-quality radio receiver transformers, it grew to a provider of a wide variety of transformer-related products, such as electronic chemicals, reflow soldering systems, LED lights, broadcast audio mixing consoles, and wireless microphones. In August 2011, KOHA Co., Ltd., a manufacturer of LED components and developed sensor products, was acquired by it and became its wholly owned subsidiary. Tamura aims to further expand its business in LED lights, commercial lighting accessories, and elderly-oriented medical sensors.

1F39-1 Nippon Sigmax Co., Ltd.


Nippon SIGMAX is committed to preventing, diagnosing and restoring movement disorders. It provides products and services to maintain motor skills and help people lead a healthier and more comfortable life.

1F39-2 Ushio Shanghai Inc.


Since its establishment in 1964, USHIO Group has been focusing on industrial lamps and illumination equipment. The “group creating lights” has manufactured countless products. It has set up many branches in China, such as Ushio Shanghai Inc. (in 2001), Ushio Shenzhen Inc. (in 2008) Ushio Shanghai Inc. (Beijing Branch, established in 2011) and Ushio Shanghai Inc. (Chengdu Office, established in 2013).

USHIO is the agent of Sankyo Air Tech Co., Ltd., a manufacturer of environment -related equipment established in 1993. Sankyo Air Tech is also engaged in the development of environment-related equipment, including deodorization, sterilization equipment, air purification equipment and business humidification equipment, providing production, sales and maintenance services mainly to hospitals, nursing homes, factories, food-related facilities, general offices, apartment buildings and entertainment centers.

1F40-1 Beijing Bestskip Technology Co., Ltd.


Yueda Elderly Care Service Management System is a diversified senior living services management platform specially designed for elderly care communities.

Thanks to its services, users can have access to the business process management in communities, elderly health services management, mobile assessment and nursing system, and family care system.

The system helps to standardize and facilitate business processes, visualize and update in real time service fulfillment, and support group management across cities, provinces and regions.

Using digital tools, this platform can provide remedies for organizers, managers, service providers, residents and their families, and the government.

1F40-2 Health Care Corp


Health Care Corp is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Japan Health Care Co., Ltd., and is authorized by Tsukui Corporation (ツクイ), a family business specialized in elderly care for more than 35 years. It seeks to introduce Tsukui’s unique standard system of brand operation to China for the localization of its services system.

Health Care Corp adheres to Tsukui’s philosophy of elderly care services, namely “Always Genuine for Well-being”, and helps Chinese elderly care organizations provide more caring and humanized services for seniors. The company supplies comprehensive solutions for elderly-oriented health industry platforms, from consultation and planning to the provision of health technology products, and to in-house training of assisted care for nursing staff and executive management training in Japan for senior management.

1F41-1 Koufukai, Medical Corporation
Atlantis Ltd.


The medical corporation Koufukai was established in 2002. It mainly carries on elderly nursing and health care facilities, medical clinics, shared apartments for cognitive disorders, and welfare apartments for seniors. It has extensive experience in the management of facilities and staff training for elderly care and rehabilitation, combining medical and therapeutic care.

Koufukai has two affiliates Atlantis Ltd. and L’Astre Cooperative Association, which are engaged in overseas business and foreign technical internships respectively.

1F41-2 Medical Care Service Company Inc.


Medical Care Service (MCS), established in 1999, is affiliated to Gakken Holdings Co., Ltd., which is involved in education, health care, elderly care, design among other domains. Gakken has 428 senior living communities (3 in China). MCS has 260 facilities that provide care for elderly people with cognitive disorders, and is Japan’s biggest brand in the sector.

In December 2016, it established a wholly owned subsidiary in Shanghai, whose services reach over to the Yangtze River Delta, the Pearl River Delta and the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei region. In order to provide quality senior living services for more customers, it actively operates in elderly care facilities and provides staff training and consulting services.

1G24-1 U-CAN CHINA Inc. Beijing Branch


Established in 1954, U-CAN Group has been a major correspondence education group in Japan for more than 60 years. The company is involved in more than 120 national qualification examinations and is committed to providing high-quality education services to clients who want to take their career to a higher level. At present, the number of students enrolled in U-CAN programs is equivalent to one sixth of Japan's total population. In Japan, U-CAN is regarded as the best in the industry.

In addition, the group owns high-end nursing homes. In China, U-CAN has many years of experience in clinical nursing and uses advanced internationally recognized nursing practices. U-CAN strives to design training courses for qualification exams in the field.

1G24-2 Accord Care Co., Ltd.


Accord Care operates Group Homes for patients with cognitive impediments. Since its foundation, it has been improving the lives and overall health of many senior patients and achieved great results. It is part of professional “Group Home” institutions specialized in cognitive disorders operating in Japan.

Accord Care hopes to bring its experience in special care for patients and its management practices to China. The group is looking forward to cooperating with companies working in elderly care service industry and contributing to the development of China’s silver industry.

1G25-1 Shenzhen Yelaiye Health Management Co., Ltd.


The company cooperates with foreign Japanese experts to provide people with the latest health information and sales coconut oil, a product widely acclaimed as contributing to longevity. Medium-chain fatty acids rich in coconut oil is dubbed the second energy element after sugar. It has also been clinically proven that medium-chain fatty acids contained in coconut oil have salutary effects on Alzheimer’s disease, which is caused by incomplete glucose metabolism.

1G25-2 Zhangzhou Leatai Medical Instruments Co., Ltd.

(Kawamura Cycle)


Established in 1995, Kawamura Cycle is a professional manufacturer of wheelchairs in Japan. The company is located in Kobe City (Hyōgo Prefecture) and has offices in Tokyo, Nagoya, Kobe, and Fukuoka. It is now a subsidiary of Japan MAX Corporation. In February 2001, it established Zhangzhou Leatai Medical Instruments Co., Ltd., which has opened shops in China and Southeast Asia.

The company is certified by the JIS Japan Industrial Standards Certification, the SG Product Safety Association logo certification, and the quality system certifications ISO9001 and ISO13485. Its philosophy is “safety, peace of mind and environmental protection”. Kawamura manufactures premium quality products that offer the best experience for its clients.

1G26-1 Guardner Co., Ltd.


Founded in Fukuoka City (Fukuoka Prefecture) in 2016, Guardner integrates manufacturing and sales of nursing products, health care utensils, health foods and grocery products, as well as videos services.

The company developed a care product, the Room shampoo, which allows users to wash hair quickly and easily while fully clothed: spray water directly from the handle onto the hair, and the water and foam are efficiently sucked into the drain pump through a special handle. The swirling water inside the shampoo brush enhances the washing effect, and the water droplets do not splash outward when the hair is washed due to internal negative pressure.

1G26-2 OG Wellness Technologies Co., Ltd.


Founded in 1949 in Okayama, OG Wellness has nearly 70 years of history in manufacturing, R&D, production and sales. Its products cover a wide palette, such as physical therapy, exercise therapy, and nursing care.

The company’s products are well received not only in Japan but also in overseas markets. OG Wellness has sold its medical devices and other products in China for nearly 30 years. Its wholly owned subsidiary Shanghai OG Wellness Technologies Co., Ltd. was established in 2017 to better serve the China market. The products of it brand, OG Wellness, have won many honors such as the Japan Excellent Design Award.

1G27-1 Pulse Electronics (Dongguan) Co., Ltd.


Pulse Electronics (Dongguan) Co., Ltd. is a wholly owned company of Nippon Pulse Motor, and is dedicated to the production, research and development and sales of precision micro motors, motion control systems, medical devices and other related products.

The company was established in August 2003. In order to meet the needs of the China market, the company introduced a greater number of new Japanese technological products. It also launched, among other brands and products, the “NPC” drivers, engines, the “[i:z]” electric anti-bedsore mattress.

1G27-2 Liquid Design Systems I


Utilizing its unique and important sensor technology, the IoT infant sensor IBUKI can record the breathing frequency of sleeping infants on iPad/iPhone applications. This product is catered for nurseries, gynecological hospitals and general families.

It can also be used as a sleep sensor for the care of the elderly, as it can help detect sleep disorders, including sleep apnea syndrome (SAS) and snoring.