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These Furniture can Bring Real Happiness to the Elderly | Preview of SIC Furniture Brands for the Elderly

Exhibitor News 2018-11-02

Chinese population has entered the “aging” phase, which produces a huge new market -- “products for the elderly”. Furniture also varies in line with the needs of the elderly. In this regard, a new product -- “furniture for the elderly” -- occurs. Many furniture companies have sensed business opportunities there, and aim at this niche market.  

The 5th China International Silver Industry Exhibition to held at PWTC Expo from November 8 to 10 will focus on barrier-free living exhibition area, which gathers renowned brands like Yongai Elderly Care, Anxin Pension, Youru, Huarui, Baochun Life, Senxing and Lesso to display the latest products, technologies and philosophies of furniture for the elderly.

Dongguan Youru Furniture Co., Ltd

Booth No.: 1D55

Partition cabinet

The product is developed for small elderly care organizations. Both sides of the cabinet can be used, which saves space and provides certain privacy for the elderly. The 360° handle with no acute angle can prevent the elderly from being hurt.  

Dining chair

Without any acute angle, the dining chair can prevent the elderly from being hurt;

The backrest of the dinning chair is equipped with handrail for the elderly;

The product is designed with easy-clean space to prevents bacteria generation from piles of debris.

Waveform dining table

The waveform design of dining table enables attendants to help the elderly dine in an easier way;

Its height is adjustable so that the elderly in wheelchair may also use it;

Its adjustable legs are made of ABS materials, thus preventing bacteria generation from rusting or rotting.

Bi-functional nursing bed

Clean and simple space can bring comfort to people. Simple and beautiful layout can foster texture and unique taste of fashion.

Yihe bi-functional nursing bed is developed after ten years of study, investigation and research, which is suitable for Chinese elderly. There is no complicated decoration on the furniture. As for details, the tri-proof cloth, bedstead with safety anti-pinch function and safety handrail all demonstrate Yihe’s care for the elderly.

Yihe is good at delivering emotions through details and pouring creativity into life to bring a more cozy later life for the elderly.

Foshan Senxing Furniture Co., Ltd

Booth No.: 1F53

Senxing thinker’s chair

Senxing thinker’s single sofa

1.LED reading lamp: as the eyesight of the elderly is relatively poor, higher brightness is needed in reading;

2.Comfortable headrest and lumbar pillow: can be adjusted to suitable location at any time for protecting the neck and waist;

3.Design of left and right “wings”: supports the head and relieves fatigue at neck; prevents from slanting to both sides while sleeping;

4.Half-handrail design is convenient for standing up at sideways, turning back in a safe way;

5.Relatively tough sponge can be more suitable for the elderly;

6. Storage bags are equipped outside at left or right handrail: convenient for picking or placing the presbyopic glasses, magnifying glass, pen, cellphone, etc.   

Guangdong Baochun Life Technology Co., Ltd

Booth No.: 2D12

Bedside table

Bedside table for the elderly, with quality wood material and smooth wood handle in a simple style.

Organization-used single bed

The organization-used bed for the elderly is beautiful with high cost performance.

Dining table

Square dining table for the elderly adopts unique groove design, which is convenient for the elderly to dine. Its natural texture manifests the art of nature.

Dinning chair

Solid wood table and chair for the elderly is user-friendly with nice appearance.

Dongguan Huarui Furniture Co., Ltd

Booth No.: 2D55

Leisure chair

This chair is for leisure use. The angle between cushion to backrest is designed in line with human engineering, which can prevent the elderly from waist strain. The height of handrail can help relieve arm ache after long walk. External expansion of chair legs can increase stability and reduce safety risks. Round design can help the elderly avoid being hurt. The walking stick place is added at one handrail, which is beneficial for the elderly to place walking stick, as well as assists the elderly to stand up.

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