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Here Come the International Exhibitor Groups! Australian Exhibitors Group Will Attend the 5th China International Silver Industry Exhibition

Exhibitor News 2018-11-02

The 5th China International Silver Industry Exhibition will be held at PWTC Expo from November 8 to 10 in 2018. Six renowned companies of elderly care from Australia (including five Queensland companies) will attend the event, displaying the strength of Australia in areas like operation services of household and institutional elderly care, design of elderly care infrastructure, consultation of elderly care operation, training of elderly care talents and solutions for intelligent elderly care.


Lendlease is a world leading transnational real estate development and infrastructure construction group, which has business in eight countries. The vision of Lendlease is to construct quality spaces, stimulate people’s passion toward life and enrich their yearning for life with quality spaces. The headquarters of Lendlease is located in Sydney, Australia. Lendlease has already gone public listed at Australian Stock Exchange, owning about 13,238 employees around the world.

The core competitiveness of Lendlease lies in its mature operation and management of development, construction and investment. The combination of the three parts provides sustainable competitive edge for Lendlease, enabling it to offer constantly innovative overall solutions to proprietors.  

With over 30 years of successful experience in global elderly care community, Lendlease is the largest owner, operator and developer of elderly care communities in Australia. It has managed over 71 elderly care communities there, which contain 12,700 retirement apartments and accommodate nearly 17,000 elderly residents. The first wholly developed community for health and elderly care of Lendlease will settle in Qingpu, Shanghai.

For more details about Lendlease, please visit www.lendlease.com.

Bolton Clarke

Bolton Clarke, a merger of RSL Care and RDNS, is the most experienced international group of elderly care services in Australia and the Southern Hemisphere.

RDNS (engaged in household and elderly care services) was established in Melbourne in 1885, and RSL Care (engaged in institutional elderly care services) was founded in Brisbane in 1936. The two companies merged into Bolton Clarke in 2015. Since then, Bolton Clarke has provided constant quality household and institutional elderly care services and support to clients with a combined experience of 210 years. Its headquarters situates in Brisbane. After hundred years of growth, Bolton Clarke has developed into an influential transnational enterprise group with household and elderly care and institutional elderly care services as the main businesses, training and research as the foundation, as well as with the integration of industry and finance.

For more details about Bolton Clarke, please visit www.boltonclarke.com.au.


As a leading international architecture design company, ThomsonAdsett has branches in Brisbane, Melbourne, Sydney, Keynes and Rockhampton. It provides design consultancy for China through offices in Wuhan, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Hong Kong, Malaysia (Kuala Lumpur) and Indonesia (Djakarta). In nearly 50 years, ThomsonAdsett has delivered more than 10,000 local and global architecture projects.   

ThomsonAdsett provides design consultancy for many areas such as education, community, business and retailing, health and elderly care, as well as leisure. The company owns 30-year operation experience in Asia, especially in elderly apartment and elderly care. It also carries on many major design projects in China’s Mainland, Hong Kong, Singapore and Malaysia.

In 2017, ThomsonAdsett ranked the first in the world in “World Architecture News”.

In 2017, it ranked the first in terms of global elderly apartment design of “World Architecture 100”.

For more details about ThomsonAdsett, please visit www.thomsonadsett.com.


Founded in 1885, Gleeds is an international property and architecture consultancy provider, owning over 70 branches in the world. Gleeds Brisbane provides services for half of the top 10 projects in Queensland. Gleeds China is one of China’s largest and most long-lasting companies in terms of western project management, cost management (quantity measurement) and strict technical evaluation, which has run for more than 25 years in China. Its five offices in China (Shanghai, Tianjin, Chengdu, Guangzhou and Hong Kong) provide services like project management, cost management (quantity measurement), design purchase and construction management, strict technical evaluation, design security audit and expert witness.

For more details about Gleeds, please visit https://gb.gleeds.com/.


The goal of CISTRI is to shape cities and communities in Australia for a better future, as demands for retirement and elderly care facilities grow at an unprecedented rate along with population aging.

In cooperation with public and private sectors, CISTRI has helped change the ways of health care and elderly care in Australia (elderly care experience is improved). The company has over 30 years of history in evaluation of services for the elderly, health, design and planning of retirement apartment facilities.

CISTRI can help you know the changing population features and market dynamics, assist you in communicating and negotiating with your community and stakeholders. It can also provide overall planning, designs and suggestions on development or expansion of health and elderly care facilities, analyze and evaluate the health and elderly care policies, plans, as well as offer relevant services.  

For more details about CISTRI, please visit https://cistri.com/about-cistri.


Tunstall is an international leading provider of digital medical care services.

With more than 60 years of global experience, Tunstall has businesses covering over 50 countries, enabling clients to enjoy an independent life at home and helping reduce their admission times to hospital.

Tunstall provides end-to-end solutions, including design, technology, consultancy, service support, project management, training, classifying and monitoring services. Through providing kinds of auxiliary technologies, it helps customize and adjust individual care demands for clients, enabling them to live at home safely and independently.

Tunstall’s ICP provides support for people with long-term chronic diseases. ICP can monitor people’s vital signs through smart phones, laptops or one of the interconnected health centers of Tunstall. If the reading exceeds the set limit, the nursing teams will immediately be noticed.  

Tunstall also enjoys rich experience in providing hosted services for private and public health organizations, governmental organizations, retirement villages and communities in Australia and New Zealand.  

For more details about Tunstall, please visit http://www.tunstallhealthcare.com.au/.

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