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Embarking on New Journey—Launch of 5th China International Silver Industry Exhibition

Press Release 2018-01-23

Co-hosted by China Silver Industry Association, China Poly Group Corporation and Guangdong Committee on Ageing, the 5th China International Silver Industry Exhibition (SIC) will take place from November 8th to 10th , 2018 at Poly World Trade Center Expo, Guangzhou. With an exhibition area of 22,000 square meters, it is going to attract 350 well-known enterprises of elderly care industry from around the world to explore new frontiers of this industry.


Integration of Cross-Section Strengths to Build Ecological Industry Matrix
Instead of developing on its own, the elderly care industry is to some degree interconnected with 18 industries of China’s economy. As China is seeing a rapidly aging society, it becomes more evident that the future development of elderly care industry will merge with that of internet, information technology, financing, real estate, education, training and other fields. Based on great achievements made in previous sessions, the 5th SIC keeps giving spotlight to elderly care in terms of exhibition area planning, while strengthening the cooperation between elderly care industry with other sections. It continues upgrading the four professional pavilions of barrier-free living, rehabilitation and nursing care, smart elderly care and health maintenance. More importantly, areas for trending niche showcases covering senior housing, service robots, nursing beds, mobility aids, nursing care service, talent training, design and planning will be created to facilitate the integration of resources and achieve cross-section development by breaking the traditional “circle” of this industry. 

This session of SIC intends to upgrade the Service Robots Pavilion which has been well received during the previous session by paying attention to more segments. Meanwhile, it aims to push forward the revolution of elderly care modes by introducing high-tech products used for elderly medical treatment and living assistance including robots for rehabilitation training, nursing, companionship, and mobility as well as wearable robots.


To improve the industrial chain of elderly care and fill in the blank space in aspects of nursing care, talent training, design and planning in Chinese market, the 5th SIC will present a pavilion incorporating featured booths showcase and open lectures to get more elderly care enterprises involved in this event where they can show their “specialized” service concepts and cases and voice out their views about future of the industry.

Internationalized Platform to Create Inclusive Cooperation Pattern
Taking the opportunity brought by French president’s visit to China, ORPEA, the global enterprise of rehabilitation and elderly care, signed an agreement of strategic cooperation with Taikang, its counterpart in Chinese market. In the meantime, partnership between Greenland HK and Australian company Provectus Care has been established and Japanese company YASKAWA and Midea cooperated in founding an enterprise specializing in service robotics. Recent years has seen many international marriages of domestic and foreign companies in exploring Chinese market. Such cooperation between foreign brands which hold innovative concepts, advanced products and technologies and domestic brands that are fully experienced in local business running appears to be of critical importance to future development.
Being a bridge connecting both sides, SIC maintains its attraction to overseas enterprises and brands. With foreign exhibitors accounting for nearly 40% of total exhibitors in the last session, the 5th SIC continues playing its role of global gateway that provides an ideal place for communication and cooperation and helps companies take the lead in exploring the elderly care market, as leading brands in a dozen of countries and regions including Holland, Australia, Japan, the United States, Germany, France, the United Kingdom, Denmark, Taiwan and Hongkong will be present at the exhibition. 



Since we officially launched our call for exhibitors, many enterprises have registered booths in advance. To further better communication and collaboration, several industry salons are planned in different cities before the 5th SIC. Besides, information about demands and supplies will be constantly updated on line to help exhibitors realize sustainable profit. Hoist the sails! We are looking forward to your arrival in Guangzhou this November.