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Featured Area of Service Robots Debuts at SIC with High-Tech to Push Forward Industrial Innovation

Press Release 2017-07-11

As we are ushering in an era of aging society, the gap between the demands for and supplies of products, infrastructure and professionals in the market of elderly care is getting worse. Fortunately, service robots come to the rescue immediately and they are well-received by the market and soon recognized as a new favorite of the industry. It is expected that the coming five years will see a bright future of service robot industry with a compound annual growth rate of up to 40% with a huge market potential. In recent two years, China’s polices are also paving a smooth way for the its development, which have already motivated many giant investors including Baidu, Alibaba, Vanke, Midea, Haier and others, all eager to get a good market share.


To keep up with current trends and showcase the latest research results and their applications in the field of smart elderly care, the 4th China International Silver Industry Exhibition is to create a Featured Area of Service Robots, which has won huge support from a number of authoritative organizations in Taiwan and Hongkong such as Taiwan Automation Intelligence and Robotics Association,Robot Institution of Hongkong, Hongkong Commission of Service Robots Application and Management, and Hongkong Elderly Commission. Last month we introduced the Featured Area of Service Robots to the public for the first time at Taiwan Promotion Conference of 4th SIC and unsurprisingly caught the attention of about 30 enterprises who shared a positive view about Chinese market.


This Area will bring together innovative products, technologies and solutions concerning care-giving, rehabilitation, assistance and medical robots and display them at this comprehensive platform of SIC which also offers on-site experience to visitors. Companies like Amy Robotics, Syxrobot, Smart Dynamics and Guardian have shown strong intention of attending this session since the Area is unveiled. We believe its debut will attract more companies to come and set a new trend for the market, helping facilitate the industry’s scaling-up process. 

Always capable of integrating resources around the globe, the 4th SIC has invited organizations such as District Councils of Hongkong, Tung Wah Group of Hospitals, Hongkong Jockey Club, Li KaShing Foundation,Hongkong Housing Society, HK Committee for Service Robot & Apps, Taiwan Long-Term Care Association, New Taipei Elderly Industry Development Association, Taiwan Social Welfare Foundation, Taiwan Innovative Health Promoting and Educating Association, Hongkong Sunshine Healthcare Group, Long-Term Care Association of Jiayi County, Taiwan and others for visiting and purchasing in the hope of promoting efficient match-making among enterprises.

Well-recognized as the most influential global event of the industry in China, the Fairwill further upgrade, for this session will see its exhibition area reaching 30,000 square meters, attracting over 350 exhibitors and 50,000 professional visitors together in Guangzhou. Service Robot, along with the other featured areas, namely Senior Housing, Nursing Bed and Resilient Flooring, and the four themed pavilions, Barrier-Free Living Pavilion, Rehabilitation & Nursing Care Pavilion, Smart Nursing Pavilion and Healthy Living Pavilion, will make an ideal platform to assemble top brands of the world and together tap the huge potential of the industry.