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Four Seasons Beijing teaches care for mind and body

Exhibitor News 2017-06-23

The Global Wellness Day kicked off in Four Seasons Hotel Beijing on June 10, unveiling its exclusive spa treatments and wellness training to participants.

With the theme of "changing your whole life in one day", the event provided a package of solutions to improve patrons' wellness at the spa center.

In the morning, participants started their day by performing morning awakening exercises under the supervision of an Indian professional guide.

They then experienced the slow and purposeful movements of a tai chi session with their master, getting a better understanding of health preservation and rehabilitation in Chinese philosophy.

To learn more about the spine's protection and how it influences overall health, an expert delivered an all-round session at the Sports Rehabilitation Center.

To address the essence of wellness throughout the whole day, participants were treated to a light healthy lunch, where oily and salty foods were noticeably absent from the serving table.

After lunch, a dietitian shared her expertise on the nutrient allocation among three meals in one day and the way to maintain enough nutrient supply after exercise.

In the afternoon, the participants enjoyed a lecture on tea, one hour of yoga meditation and a talk on facial skin care.

"The Global Wellness Day held in this hotel refreshed my understanding of wellness," said a microblog author under the name Guizhou Housewife. "Setting aside the hustle and bustle of daily life, the whole day's activities relieved my pressure and made me relax. The colorful healthy lunch foods also inspired a sense of happiness."

Michael Newcombe, chair of Four Seasons Global Spa and Wellness Task Force, said: "My definition of wellness is a balanced lifestyle. Nutrition, relaxation, sleep and fitness are harmonized together as a recipe to suit you.

"The beauty of our goal on wellness is to give people a chance to disconnect from technology by coming to our spa," Newcombe said.

During the spa treatment, the team helps customers to relax and avoid the pressures of life, even if for a short moment, he said.

As the world's leading operator of luxury hotels, Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts currently manages 104 properties in 43 countries, with more than 50 additional projects in development.

It has opened hotels in many major Chinese cities including Beijing, Shanghai, Tianjin, Guangzhou, Shenzhen and Hong Kong. It plans to eventually open more in China.


( from: China Daily )