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(Information of Exhibitor) A Trustworthy Rehabilitation Brand--Guangzhou LonGEST Science & Technology Co., Ltd.

Exhibitor News 2017-06-13

Guangzhou LonGEST Science & Technology Co., Ltd.

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Established in 2000, headquartered in the high-tech enterprise incubator park of Guangzhou, Guangzhou LonGEST Science & Technology Co., Ltd. is an internationally first-class rehabilitation equipment manufacturer integrating R&D, manufacture, sales and services and is committed to providing quality and complete comprehensive services for the construction of rehabilitation medicine specialties of medical institutions at home. Its products involve professional rehabilitation fields such as pain, skeleton and nerve and cover most clinical departments of Chinese and Western medical institutions at home, including 8 high-and-new-tech products, 18 software copyrights, 38 patents. Some of its products have passed CE certification and been exported to more than 30 developed countries and regions worldwide. Up to date, LonGEST has employed near 300 employees, established around 20 branches across the world, with more than 200 distribution partners.


Enterprise Honors


A Committee Member Unit of China Quality Association for Pharmaceuticals
A High-tech Enterprise of Guangdong
A Member Unit of Guangdong Medical Apparatus Industry Association
A Production-Academy-Research Base for Guangdong Food and Drug Vocational College
An Integrity Demonstrative Enterprise of Guangdong
A Member Unit of Guangdong Medical Apparatus Management Society
National AAA Quality and Credit Unit

Major Products

1. Electrically operated shifting machine (suspended track)


Mechanism: The electronically operated shifting machine is used for the patients suffering dysfunctions (such as in standing, walking and shifting) caused by never diseases or skeletal muscle diseases. By sliding the torso vest connected to the suspension point on a single track, it provides the patients with a weight support and protection at the vertical direction.

Major curative effects: It can be used to train standing, walking or shifting while reducing the load borne by lower limbs or preventing the patients from falling. It can enable the patients to receive rehabilitation training off the bed at an early stage without exposure to almost no risk, restore the functions of each system as soon as possible and shorten the rehabilitation period; or it can enable the patients to move under a complete loss of weight and thus eliminate the risk accompanying moving manually and save labor for the nurse.

2. Air Wave Stress Cycle Therapeutic Apparatus


Mechanism: The therapeutic apparatus outputs synchronously or asynchronously the air waves with functions such as gradient pressure and real-time pressure monitoring and multi-modal low-frequency modulated mid-frequency electric stimulation to promote venous return and arterial perfusion, train skeletal muscle and prevent muscular atrophy.

Major curative effects: Preventing deep venous thrombosis, eliminating edema, strengthening arterial perfusion, stimulating muscular contraction, it perfectly interprets the design philosophy of LonGEST, "Everything is done for clinic".

3. Air Pressure Ballistic Extracorporeal Shock Wave Therapeutic Apparatus


Mechanism: With the tapered pulse shock therapy head inside the handle, the apparatus's therapy head can produce short-time, broad-band and high-pressure mechanical acoustic wave, which accumulates through the conductive medium and works on human tissue to stimulate the peripheral nerve, and make tissues of different densities to generate pressure deformation, cavitation effect and metabolic activation.

Major curative effects: Loosening adhesive tissue, dredging the blocked blood capillary, speeding up blood circulation and suppressing pain.

Product's Honors:

The first Air Pressure Ballistic Extracorporeal Shock Wave Therapeutic Apparatus to pass the FDA medical certification of the US and be exported in Asia.

The first shock wave therapeutic apparatus to pass the certification of ISMST and become a member in Asia.

The first Air Pressure Ballistic Extracorporeal Shock Wave Therapeutic Apparatus to research and develop independently and pass SFDA certification at home.

The first Air Pressure Ballistic Extracorporeal Shock Wave Therapeutic Apparatus to pass the CE (SGS) medical certification and be exported at home.

4. Interference Current Therapeutic Apparatus

Mechanism: The apparatus adopts a negative pressure absorption electrode to transmit several groups of sine-wave current with a base frequency of 2K~5KHz into human body with multiple modes of difference frequency, and realizes the curative effects with the shallow electric stimulation effect of PMC current and deep interference of IFC (namely current multiplication effect); its precise difference frequency treatment technology (maximum 120Hz) can guarantee that the 3D dynamic interference technology works perfectly; the treatment modes such as professional frequency division, random frequency selection and frequency sweeping in a range can reduce the adaptability (tolerance) to treatment to the largest extent and guarantee the effectiveness of treatment.

Major curative effects: Promoting the blood circulation, easing pain, training motor nerve and skeletal muscle, improving the tension of visceral smooth muscle, regulating autonomic nerve and promoting fracture healing.

5. Absorption Punctual Stimulation Low Frequency Therapeutic Apparatus


Mechanism: The apparatus is based on TCM acupuncture and Western medicine's low frequency electric stimulus treatment, which adopts an ultra small absorption tapered electrode (or an adhesive electrode) to transmit the acupuncture imitated current with a low frequency, a high voltage and an ultra low pulse width into human body in multiple prescriptions and multiple modes, stimulate the nerve muscle and meridians and collaterals at the treated areas and fulfill the anticipated therapeutic purposes.

Major curative effects: Professionally easing pain (various acute and chronic pains), training skeletal muscles, promoting local blood circulation. Besides, it can also achieve the treatment effect that can be realized by acupuncture.