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Why Exhibit

Why to exhibit

Invited key groups of buyers

Leverage government departments of elderly affairs and industry organizations of all levels nationwide to Invite chain supermarkets, pharmacies, department stores as groups of buyers to make purchases onsite.

VIP business matchmakings

Matchmake exhibitors with buyers prior to the exhibition, oriented negotiations can happen onsite to achieve “one on one” precise matchmaking.

Various year-round advertisements and promotions

Advertisements on websites, printing materials, onsite billboards cover all groups of buyers year-round to guarantee exhibitors’s continuing exposure in the industry market for outstanding market share.

Tailor-made new products launches

Tailor make new products launches to help exhibitors expending its market share and showcasing its industry highlights to develop more client resources.

EDM electronic information promotion

This state-of- the- art internet marketing tool will showcase exhibitors’ brand image and latest products precisely to target buyers through the powerful buyers’ database .

Target Visitor

• Senior housing, design and planning services

• Elderly care establishments and welfare institutions

• Hospitals and rehabilitation centers

• Government agencies and social welfare organizations with a mission to serve the elderly

• Home care services

• Elderly care service operators

• Real-estate developers and property management companies

• Institutional investors

• Manufacturers, dealers, wholesalers, distributors, and traders

• Department stores, supermarkets, chain stores, franchised stores, and pharmacies

• Research institutions, colleges and universities, and education and activity centers with a specialization in elderly care

• Relevant government departments, social service organizations

• Professionals such as doctors, nurse practitioners and nurses

• General public

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