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* Exhibit Category (Multiple Choices)

1. Barrier Free Living
Elder-friendly furniture building components
sanitary ware barrier free facilities
senior housing design & planning
2. Smart Elderly Care
Management system of elderly care establishments health management system
wearable health devices household automation
3. Rehabilitation and Care Products
Medical equipment rehabilitation facilities
nursing care products orthodontic appliances
4. Daily Necessities
Senior daily necessities auxiliary products
5. Health Maintenance
Foods health care products
pharmaceutical productsy
6. Elderly Care Services
Daily services financial services
health and medical services rehabilitation services
elderly tourism spiritual life services
legal services long-term nursing services
personnel training
7. Senior Housing
Senior apartments day care centers
operation management home service center
elderly care establishment elderly medical & health institutions
comprehensive elderly care communities

* Booth Type

A. Raw Space(min.36㎡)
sqm ( m × m )
B. Shell Scheme(to be built as per the standards from the organizer)min.9㎡
sqm ( m × m )


1. Please have this application form completed, signed and sealed, and send it back to the organizer (All sections with an asterisk must be filled in for review, evaluation and promotion by the exhibition organizer);
2. The organizer has the right to final decision on the qualifications of exhibitors and has the right to make a final distribution and adjustment of all booths.
I've read and agree to the Conditions of Participation
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