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The 6th China International Silver Industry Exhibition

 Time: 2019.10.31-11.2

  Venue: PWTC Expo, Guangzhou, China

SIC was successfully held in Guangzhou in 2014 for the first time. After five years of development, it has become one of the largest and most influential silver industry exhibition in China. SIC brings together most cutting-edge products, technologies and solutions in silver industry from nearly 20 countries and regions like China, Japan, Australia, France, The United States, Germany, Denmark, Netherlands and Canada, and builds a leading platform for China's silver industry with outstanding results and forward-looking ideas.


Exhibitor List


SIC was successfully held in Guangzhou in 2014 for the first time. After five years of development, it has become one of the largest and most influential silver industry exhibition in China.

Meinolf Köhn

General Manager of German Hermann Bock GmbH

Comments from Exhibitors

SIC 2018 has shown plenty resources with respect to nursing home services and medical agencies. The exhibition had more visitors than expected. I hope to further cooperate with these great organizations.

David Lane

Chairman Emeritus and Partner of ThomsonAdsett, Chairman of Australian Masters in Aged Care Services

Comments from Exhibitors

SIC 2018 achieved better results than last year. I felt very excited to talk with many specialized visitors and companies. We also had many in-depth conversations with professional institutions and hospitals.

Cao Lamei

Marketing Director, Dongguan Huarui Furniture Co., Ltd.

Comments from Exhibitors

SIC as a professional platform plays a very important role in brand publicity and product promotion. During the exhibition, they attracted large numbers of visitors, many of whom were their target audience. Our company received many intended purchases.

Zhu Xuefei

Executive Deputy Secretary-General of the Longevity Township Green Development Regional Cooperation Alliance, Director of the Lishui Municipality Committee on Aging

Comments from Exhibitors

SIC has always been a golden business card in the silver industry. In the past few days, it received numerous audience, and many companies held trade talks for further cooperation. Through this industrial platform, the advanced life concepts, lifestyle, health care and protection culture and quality products of longevity townships benefited from effective publicity and enabled matchmaking.

Zhao Shuhuai

President of Shanxi Silver Industry Association

Comments from visitors

This was my first time visiting the SIC. I acquired a lot of valuable experience. SIC 2018 is very large-scale and professional, and the products displayed are also diversified. Guests of the forums gave us many suggestions and reference, which can help us to carry out more precise business matchmaking.

Liu Hongbin

Director of Vasculocardiology Department at South Building of Chinese PLA General Hospital and Deputy Director of National Center for Clinical Research of Geriatric Diseases

Comments from visitors

SIC discusses new topics about geriatric diseases in new forms each year. Its exhibitors are professional and come from a full range of fields. That's why I have been paying attention to the exhibition. With the improvement of science and technology, I believe SIC will play increasingly important roles and will receive greater attention.

Chen Fenhua

Chief Operating Officer of the chain store Happy Elderly Life

Comments from visitors

We have visited the SIC for many years, and every time we have delegation coming. SIC 2018 has covered a more comprehensive industrial chain than before, especially sections for smart elderly care, rehabilitation and care, and staff training. Usually, we don't have such a chance to meet so many industrial heavyweights. This forum provides us a valuable opportunity to communicate with experts.

Yukinori Senggoku

Senior Chief of Daiwa House Industry Co., Ltd.

Comments from visitors

We found a lot of things that were not available in Japan, such as products for excrement disposal and standing-up assistance for the elderly. I hope to learn more through SIC about China's silver industry and promote the industrial matchmaking and cooperation between China and Japan.


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