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We Never Stop Caring the Elderly | Preview the Hot Brands of SIC Rehabilitation and Nursing Products

出展者ニュース 2018-11-02

As aging becomes an increasingly pressing issue, the question of how to let the elderly live in a more comfortable and dignified way raises the concerns of the society. Rehabilitation and nursing products are an popular module of elderly care industry. Related exhibitors include SAKAI Medical Co., Ltd., Qianjing Rehabilitation, Xiangyu Medical, Xinhai Group, Jin Yu Rui Xin, Teijin Frontier (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., Zhongmin, Tuo’an, Earway, Kaitai Care and Senzhong Medicine are preparing for the 5th China International Silver Industry Exhibition and will display new products, new technologies and new philosophies of rehabilitation and nursing industry.  

Preview of Rehabilitation and Nursing Brands to Attend SIC

Teijin Frontier (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.

Booth No.: 2A12

Socks for preventing leg edema

Stimulates blood flow and lymphatic circulation; 
Loose design can prevent leg edema;
Improves gesture and helps prevent wearers from falling down.

Antiskid multifunctional cushion 

Ultra-skinny fiber locating cloth developed with nanofiber is laid down under the body to prevent the elderly from slipping down.   

Displacement plate

It is a product for moving patients with ease while lying, which can reduce the workload of nursing personnel. The chips are made with high-performance filling materials to guarantee softness for human body. Lumber core is added under filling materials inside the thick cushion so that the movement can be easily realized even though flat error exists. Patients can lie down on the plate for X-ray inspection. The plate is packed in a bag, making it convenient for managing and carrying.  

Reassuring underwear

It would not be noticed by others, as the underwear is similar to normal ones. This underwear will free those with uroclepsia from troubles. WELLDRY is a kind of reassuring underwear bred by such thought. High-performance fiber guarantees excellent water-absorbing performance and great comfort. The fine design which would not be noticed can help patients forget the troubles of uroclepsia.

Hangzhou Zhongmin Yinchuang Technology Co., Ltd

Booth No.: 2A14

Intelligent seat bath auxiliary equipment 

ZNYG-ZS-60A is an intelligent seat bath auxiliary equipment developed and manufactured by Hangzhou Zhongmin Yinchuang Technology Co., Ltd. The product, unprecedentedly, divides the bathtub into two, which are bathtub body and wheelchair. The wheelchair can be moved freely. The elderly can be pushed into the bathtub directly for shower after taking seat. During shower, the equipment can automatically lock the wheelchair and bathtub to prevent leakage. On top of that, the product also has the following functions: filling in a bathtub in one minute; electric temperature control; IoT communication management and multiple shower modes, etc.     

Shenzhen Tuo’an Medical Devices Co., Ltd

Booth No.: 2A42

Intelligent front-push bed

Press the remote to automatically switch between sofa and bed. When the sofa is transformed into bed, the forelegs of sofa bed can automatically be pushed out as the backrest is automatically laid down. The bed and chair can be adjusted to any angle, while the backrest can also be adjusted independently. The front-push bed is also equipped with wake-up function. As long as the time is set, the bell rings as required, then the backrest can automatically lift patients up. In this way, patients don’t need to worry about being late any more. The massage function can relieve their tiredness of the entire day. The far infrared ray can not only generate heat, but is also beneficial for health keeping. 

Guangdong Earway Enterprise Management Co., Ltd

Booth No.: 2B17

Comprehensive hearing solutions 

We provide the followings:
Professional test and experience for adult hearing-aid;
Test, evaluation and speech rehabilitation guidance of children and elderly hearing-aid;
Out hearing-aid consultant team have 6-15 years of professional test experience. 

Changzhou Qianjing Rehabilitation Co., Ltd

Booth No.: 2D15

Rehabilitation house

Based on medical organizations and supported by communities and elderly care organizations, “Rehabilitation House” solution is to construct a new mode of distant rehabilitation guidance for the elderly in the cloud environment, with the elderly as the service object, enterprise service organizations as the branch and information platforms as the foundation. Through building three service platforms based on organizations, communities and elderly families respectively with efficient resources and effective flow of information, it aims to establish elderly data archives, evaluation and screening, rehabilitation interference service mechanism, and conduct interference training like recognition and sport to realize the full coverage of elderly rehabilitation.

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