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Collection! What do High-class Real Estates of Elderly Care Look Like? | Preview Hot Brands of Real Estate Operation for SIC

出展者ニュース 2018-11-02

From November 8 to 10, 2018, the largest international gala of silver industry in China -- the 5th China International Silver Industry Exhibition (SIC) will be grandly held at PWTC Expo in Guangzhou.

Real estate operation is a hot module of elderly care industry. Exhibitors of this area are gaining momentum. Renowned brands like Poly, GoodField, Miracll, YiDa, Leedsberg Health, Longjun Homeland will jointly display the latest products, technologies, philosophies in related areas at this exhibition to explore business opportunities. 

Preview of Hot Brands of Real Estate Operation Attending SIC

GoodField Health Industrial Group

Booth No.: 2D59

GoodField Health Ecological Base

GoodField Health Ecological Base is an exclusive organization for investing, constructing and managing large ecological tourism projects and continue care of retirement community (CCRC) projects of GoodField Health Industrial Group. Embracing the ultimate goal of constructing a high-end elderly care community with beautiful environment and complete supplementary facilities, the ecological base is dedicated to becoming a large complex for elderly care integrating health care, elderly care, medicine, culture, holiday, accommodation, leisure, entertainment and agriculture, thereby satisfying the needs of the elderly at different ages. Located at Jiulong Town, Huangpu District in Guangzhou, the GoodField Health · Jiulong Health Town is planned to cover about 5,000 mu, including projects like Beautiful Village and elderly care complex.
GoodField Health Organization Operation Base

GoodField Health Industrial Group introduces international, individualized and professional quality elderly care services from Japan Genki Group. With unique elderly-oriented safe design and professional nursing services that integrate medicine and health, it establishes a professional elderly care base of “medical and health integration”, and provides services like elderly care, accommodation, rehabilitation, medical care, long-term hosting, health management, culture and entertainment, dietary and food, and university for the elderly. 

YiDa Service Group

Booth No.: 2E50

PuYangFangHua·Blue Mountain International Nursing Center

As the first pilot elderly care organization of YiDa group, the PuYangFangHua·Blue Mountain International Nursing Center is positioned as a medium- and high-end elderly care organization of “medical and health integration”. Located at Lvshunkou District, Dalian, the nursing center covers about 2,500 square meters with 45 fine nursing beds. It aims at serving the elderly with half disability and dementia, total disability and dementia, and champions the serving concept of “returning dignity to the elderly”. It recruits nursing management personnel with working experience in Japanese nursing organizations, and all of its employees have been trained in Japan. The nursing center also introduces the Japanese concept of elderly care service on all fronts, and meets the professional nursing demands of the elderly in a people-oriented way.

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